I’m infamous for setting my expectations too high and then being thoroughly disappointed when those expectations are not met.  Though I recognize that there are no guarantees in international adoption, for the last few weeks (since we got our May 18th court date) I’ve been hoping and planning in my heart to spend the whole summer with both boys…to have all of our children under one roof at last.  Those expectations were shattered today when I learned that the US Embassy in Ethiopia is now going to require a TB test for all children prior to entering the United States.  Because of the time frame for such a test, there will be an added month of waiting from court date to travel.  So…the earliest we will bring these children into our lives is now mid-July.  Yes…thorough disappointment.

I’m even more burdened to pray for our court cases.  If one or both of the boys doesn’t pass, we could easily be looking at not having another court date until after the rainy season, which means sometime in October and not picking the child(ren) up until December!  I can’t even begin to bear such a thought.  I see God giving me even more compassion for those who have watched their children spend the last year in an orphanage because their cases still haven’t passed court due to one reason or another.  Please pray with me…please pray often.  I’m so comforted to know my Father is a Father to the fatherless and that he directs the hearts of kings and rulers.  Certainly He has the power to allow our cases to pass court and unite our family by July.

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