Remembering Max-Abush


I’ve been thinking about Max often the last week or so.  Perhaps its because I’ve been buying clothes for our boys and in making room for the new outfits, I’ve had to weed out things I purchased for Max that will be too small for our chunky W.  Or perhaps its because if everything had worked out as we thought it might, Molly Kate and I would have probably boarded a plane today headed for Ethiopia (we were hoping to have a quicker Embassy appointment because of the HIV and I was planning on leaving even sooner after passing court in order to go ahead and start him on some meds).  Either way, I miss this little guy and the opportunity I didn’t have to know him in this life.  Yet, when I think of him, I always smile because the Lord soon supplies a picture of this precious child in the arms of His Son.  How can I not rejoice in my remembrance?

If you would like to remember or honor Max, you can head to the Gap, Banana Republic or Old Navy between now and Sunday and use this coupon.   You’ll get 30% off your total purchase and they’ll give 5% to the Global Fund to help fight AIDS, TB and malaria.

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