It’s Official…

I’m a mini-van mommy!  I said it would never happen, but as Kevin and I contemplated how to squeeze three car seats into our Honda Pilot and realized M would basically have to jump over the middle seat every single time, we decided a van might be our only choice.  Well, Kevin was thrilled…he loves the Honda Odyssey (he sold Hondas for a year)!  The Lord provided a great 2006 Odyssey at Kevin’s former place of employment…all the features we wanted and we actually saved money by trading in our Pilot!  So, at twenty-eight years old, I’m now the proud owner of a gold mini-van!  Did those words actually come out of my mouth?!

2 thoughts on “It’s Official…

  1. I always said that I would neeeever drive a mini van. Although I still don’t, I would love to. It is so true, a baby (or 2 or 3) changes everything.

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