Thanks be to God…

and Craigslist!  After a month of stalking the free give-aways, we found a swing set!  Kevin drove about 45 minutes yesterday, took down this woman’s swing set (while her dog barked at him the entire time) and set it up in our backyard last night.  Molly Kate squealed with delight this morning when we opened the blinds in her bedroom to display her newest affection.  “Par!” she screamed, which translates “Park” because of course, every park has a playground, so a swing set is a park…got to love the logic of toddlers!!  I think she could sit in the swing all day…she absolutely loves it!  We’ve got a little work to do..sand the rust, spraypaint, clean up the white seats…but all in all, we are delighted with this sweet gift from the Lord for the enjoyment of our children!







Baked Chicken and Rice with Black Beans

chicken-rice-sl-1873369-lLast night was new recipe night and we hit a definite winner!  Southern Living rarely fails me and this recipe proved to be another delicious, mostly inexpensive meal that we will definitely be adding to our monthly rotation.

Click here for this easy tasty recipe!

A Glimpse

While I often sit and ponder what our little boys’ personalities will be like, every now and then, a traveling mommy with our agency gives me a small glimpse…

Here’s what one mom said about M: “…he seems like a quiet kid.  Smiley but quiet.  He’s a beautiful boy and appeared very healthy.”

Here’s what another mom said about W: “…your boy continues to be beautiful…loves to be held and if not getting what he loves…has an excellent pair of lungs…very adorable.”

Only the Lord knows how much I can’t wait to experience these personalities myself!  But thank you Hope mommies for giving me these glimpses into my childrens’ lives.

Good Tip for Busy Moms

If I had all the time in the world, I would certainly devote some of it to writing letters to or keeping a journal for my children.  As it is, Molly Kate is 19 months and I’m still working on her first year of life scrapbook!  Nevertheless, I have really wanted to have some way to consistently journal my childrens’ lives, so that years from now they can read about who they were before they could remember.  My hope is that they also might be able to look back at the hundreds of ways that the Lord was working in their lives, perhaps in ways they didn’t notice or perhaps in ways that  only a mother could see.  But I recognize my limits and I knew if I started a journal, the likelihood of sticking with it was slim.  So, what is the solution? E-mail!  One of the moms from our agency’s adoption group said that she was doing this for her children and I really liked the idea.  I set up an e-mail account for Molly Kate (this was prior to M & W) and whenever I think about something cute that she’s been doing lately or if I have a really neat story that I want her to know and treasure, I sit down with my laptop and compose a quick e-mail.  As I go, I also hope to write of the things that I pray for her about, different strengths and weaknesses that I see in her and the various things that I’m learning as I parent her.  When the time comes, I’ll print and bind them.  And I pray, should the Lord call her to Himself, that as she sits down with all these letters one day that they will serve as a great source of encouragement in her faith.  Now, as I begin doing the same for M and W, what marvelous things I’ll have to tell them about how the God of the universe brought them all the way from Ethiopia to be our sons.