Sunday’s “Pew Parenting”

I just had to share this story and thought it might encourage some of you who are wondering if your children will gain anything by sitting in the Sunday morning worship service at your church.  And keep in mind that Molly Kate is still a month shy of two years old!  After last week’s reading, I suggested to Kevin that on Saturday nights we read the passage that will be preached the following morning with Molly Kate instead of the usual reading from The Big Picture Story Bible.  Yesterday’s sermon was Paul’s conversion experience on the road to Damascus from Acts 9.  We read this with Molly Kate and explained how Paul’s eyes went blind and then he could see again.  We squinted our eyes tight to explain not being able to see.  Fast forward to Sunday morning.  One of our former elders and now pastor in Atlanta, Aaron Menikoff, has begun his sermon.  As he’s reading through the text and gets to the verse where Paul is blinded, Molly Kate turns to me and says “Paul” then squints her eyes!  She was totally listening and comprehending!  Kevin had a look of total shock on his face and my heart just delighted in the graciousness of God to speak to such a little one!  Just one experience and it completely confirmed for me that all the work of teaching her to sit in the service will be worth it.  God’s Word does not return void and as she listens to bits of sermons week in and week out, I pray God begins a mighty work of salvation in her heart!

2 thoughts on “Sunday’s “Pew Parenting”

  1. Nah…God just wired her to be attentive and observant! She was born that way and Lord willing, God will use it for her good!

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