A Sweet Surprise

Molly Kate and I just returned home from a morning of fun at Six Flags Splashwater Kingdom with the Wheelers (also compliments of the Wheelers…our very dear friends here in Louisville) and my neighbor knocks on my door.  I open it to find her holding a vase of pink gerber daisies, a box of strawberry cheesecake Jelly Bellies (mmmm!) and a note from my awesome hubby.  Apparently we have a surprise date night tonight to my fave Cuban restaraunt to celebrate 1) my upcoming birthday and 2) our 3rd court date tomorrow!  He knows me too well…this will be an excellent way to keep me from sitting around worrying all night!  I’m off to get ready…yea!!

3 thoughts on “A Sweet Surprise

  1. Way to go Kevin!!! Very thoughtful. Praying for both of you, Molly Kate & the boys tonight. Love to all, Mama/ Penny/ Nana

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