Heaven at Home – Book Review

I’m hesitant to review this book because I know the author has taken an indefinite leave from public ministry but for reasons not mentioned.  Nevertheless, Ginger Plowman has been a very helpful resource to me when it comes to parenting, and I think this book can also be useful to wives and mothers who desire to please the Lord by the way they manage their homes.  The book is somewhat of a fly-by overview of the various components of establishing a peaceful home.  There a five major sections to the book, each of which plays an important part in being able to make your home a haven of rest and peace: 1) Understanding our identity in Christ and finding joy in our relationship with Him; 2) Being unified with your husband and cultivating unity among siblings; 3) Establishing and ensuring right relationships with those around us (including in-laws, friends and our children); 4) Requiring obedience from our children (much of this section is taken from her other book “Don’t Make Me Count to Three“); 5) Bringing structure to your days and organizing your home/life.  As with Plowman’s other book, her writing is fun and very practical.  I especially loved the section on marriage which brought up some great questions that fostered really beneficial conversations with my husband.  If you are one who desires more order and organization to your days and/or home, she also has some very, very practical suggestions in the last section.  Again, while I’m not completely sure of the author’s current circumstances, I do think this book is a great read for all homemakers and one that I will probably refer back to in the years to come.

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