Little Things

After months of no movement with our cases in Ethiopia, I found myself somewhat distancing myself from the boys.  I purposely tried not to talk about them too much and hadn’t really done anything to prepare for their arrival in a long time.  Of course I continue to love them deeply, but not knowing what the Lord has planned for us, I wanted to guard my heart lest I be very disappointed.  When the news of M’s court date finally came, the door to my heart sprung open again and over the last couple of days, I’ve been in full gear preparation mode for this little boy to come into our family.  Of course, I still have no idea what God has planned for us, but I really do believe M will be our son and these past few days have helped my heart reconnect with him.  Last night I was putting sheets on his bed and as I slipped the pillowcase over his pillow I remembered that he is currently sharing a small twin mattress with another child and there are no pillows on which he can lay his head.  I bowed my head and asked that God would soon allow him the sweet pleasure of this little thing…a pillow for a good night’s rest.  And God quickly comforted me as I thought about my Savior who knows his need well as He had nowhere to lay his head (Matthew 8:20). 

Today I am praying specifically for MOWA and that they write our letter of recommendation in a timely manner.  We’ve known of several cases from all different agencies who have not passed court lately because the MOWA letter was not with their file when the case was heard in court.  May God stir the heart of the MOWA representative in charge of our letter and even today have it ready for Friday’s hearing.  May God be pleased and glorified to let M finally pass court.

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