All the more reason to pray, pray, pray!

In effort to keep as many people praying as specifically as possible, I wanted to share some news that I just received from a woman with a different agency.  Apparently there is some construction work taking place at the court house in Ethiopia and this woman’s friend had just received a call from their agency preparing the friend to not pass court tomorrow because of the construction and files being stacked in all sorts of places.  While this wasn’t the news I was hoping for, we still trust the sovereignty of our might God even above construction work and would love for you to join us in praying specifically that God will allow our file to make it to the judges’ desk on Friday and that even the construction work would not keep M from passing court.  Please also continue to pray for our hearts…as time is drawing ever nearer to hearing the news of whether he is finally ours or not, we find ourselves growing anxious and wanting to press on in faith.  God has been so good to us this last year through the many valleys and we know He loves and cares deeply for us.  Pray that we remain confident of His goodness no matter what happens this week.

One thought on “All the more reason to pray, pray, pray!

  1. I am praying for you today! I have asked the Lord to remind me of you, all through the day. All though I can’t say I know exactly how you are feeling today, I think I have a pretty good idea. The waiting and not knowing is horrific.

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