All Praise and Glory to God!


We humbly and joyfully introduce to you the newest member of our family…

Mikias Ryan Cuthbertson

We are simply delighted in the Lord’s goodness to us throughout this journey.  We would have never imagined adding a five-year old to our family and to see how much we adore and love this little boy is amazing.  As soon as we received the news an hour ago, Molly Kate began dancing around the room and shouting “Kai passed court! Kai passed court!”  She fully understands that this means her brother is coming home and she’s already naming off all that he’s going to do with us.  God is so good…He redeemed us, continues to sanctify us and has wrought this unbelievable love and devotion in our hearts for a special boy named Mikias who we can now officially say is our son.   What a precious day and just three days before the one-year mark of his referral!  And of course, as we celebrate, we are also patiently waiting to see how and when the Lord will bring sweet W home.  We know He will do it according to His perfect will.

The picture that God used to open our hearts!
With our friend Rocky when he picked up his son!
When Mikias received pictures of us for the first time!
What a smile!

The LORD is good to all, And His mercies are over all His works.  Psalm 145:9


12 thoughts on “All Praise and Glory to God!

  1. I’ve been checking my reader like a crazy person. I’ve prayed all morning… Praise the Lord!! Bless this sweet family!

    Katey Rowell Overstreet

    p.s. Didn’t know you knew Suzanne and Rocky.. Suzanne and I got to know each other while she was at State and I followed their adoption too.

  2. Laura,
    I’ve followed your blog and prayed with you for months now. Just wanted to congratulate you on your newest addition!
    Mary Kylie Ruff

  3. WOOHOO!!! He is beautiful! I can’t wait to see your travel pictures. I will continue to pray for your other sweet boy.

  4. We are overwhelmed with joy – praising the Lord with you! Can’t wait to see pictures of all of you together! He is precious.

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