For You

What a day of celebrating!  And the beauty of it all is that we have shared our rejoicing with all of you! God has so graciously sustained us this last year and brought countless friends alongside us as we’ve journeyed to bring this little boy home.  You have prayed for us, you have shown love for our son and you have helped us to keep the faith when the light seemed so dim.  You are as Christ to us and we have certainly felt the outpouring of your love today as you have joined with us in praising our loving Father.  The following video is a small way to say thank-you for walking beside us, and at times, holding us up.  Make sure you turn up your volume…I love this Andrew Peterson song and am quite sure it will be Mikias’ song.

Click HERE for “Mikias Ryan Cuthbertson: A Year’s Journey”

(I have no idea how to upload the video to WordPress…these are moments when I wish I would have gone with Blogger!!)


8 thoughts on “For You

  1. Laura,
    Congratulations! I am so very happy for you all. You have shown amzing patience and grace. You set an example for us all by your faith and trust in him. Mikias is one very lucky little boy to get you as a mom. Hugs

  2. O Happy Day!!!!!!!!!!

    So happy for you Laura!!!

    Love the pictures and videos and the new blog look!!!

    Lets go get our kids!!!!!

    They are coming home!!!!!

  3. Oh, what a beautiful, gorgeous little boy you have!! I am sitting here bawling into my coffee.
    I had never heard that song before, but wow, is it ever perfect.

  4. AGAIN! WOW!!! His smile just melts my heart. Wishi I could be with you when you go to pick him up. Can’t wait to hug this special liitle boy. I HAVE A GRANDSON! Looking forward to many fun times together. God is Amazing! I love you all! Nana

  5. When we finally passed all the Guatemalan courts, I felt much the same way as you are feeling now. I packed and re-packed Xan’s suitcase so many times. I am so excited for you all. God is good!

  6. He’s gorgeous!

    Regarding putting the video on wordpress: if the video is on your computer – when you are writing a new post, see where it says upload/insert and click the 2nd icon in which says Add Video.

    OR if you have an embed code, and the video is not a file on your computer – While writing a new post, there are 2 tabs, one says ‘visual’ and one says ‘html’. Click the one that says html and paste the embed code.

    It might sound confusing, but it’s pretty easy – let me know if you have any qs.

    1. Thanks Bethany! I tried the html code, pasted it in just like the example said, and nothing happened…literally nothing showed up on the screen! Somehow, I’m still doing something wrong!

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