February 25th!

I just spoke with our agency director and he said we can definitely make the February 25th embassy date.  That means in just four weeks from today, we’ll board a plane headed to Ethiopia and just four weeks from this Monday, we’ll finally meet our boys!  I can’t believe it will be here so soon and yet most of the time, it still doesn’t feel soon enough!  Every night as I try to fall asleep, I keep imagining what it will be like to finally hold them in my arms after a year of watching them through pictures and videos.  I also know I need to spend a lot of time praying for all the good-byes this trip will bring…having to leave Molly Kate for nine days is going to be so difficult and then having to leave W in Ethiopia for an indefinite period of time is going to break my heart.  May the Lord begin preparing me now to be able to endure these things and still enjoy all of the sweetness that meeting Mikias and making him an official part of our family will bring.  Okay, I’m off to book plane tickets!!!


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