How Much CAN You Fit in a Suitcase?!

My mom came in town yesterday to help me get a million projects done and run all my last-minute errands before we leave.  She is an INCREDIBLE packer, so I’ve kinda been putting off packing the suitcases.  This afternoon during MK’s nap, we tackled packing the two suitcases we set aside for donations to our agency’s two transition homes.  We cracked up as we weighed the suitcases, packed, weighed and re-packed to make the most of those 50 pounds!  So, how much can you fit in one suitcase?

2 large bottles of hand sanitizer and one small one

100 individual packages of Cheez-Its (apparently a big hit with the older kids)

100 Tootsie Roll Pops

60 toothbrushes

10 tubes of toothpaste

10 tubes of Neosporin

275 character band-aids

15 pairs of kids underwear

15 granola bars for us

30 packages of Goldfish and Annie’s Bunnies (for us too!)

14 individual packages of trail mix (um, yeah, also for us)

Not bad, huh?!  It was hard, but fun work…we definitely had plenty of laughs!

3 thoughts on “How Much CAN You Fit in a Suitcase?!

  1. I was wondering if you got my first journal that I wrote just before i sent the one at 9:3 pm. Let me know if it did not come through I want re-write it! It’s not showing up

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