Ode to the Teal Sweatshirt

One thing I love about our agency is that they allow traveling families to take hundreds of photos of the kids and then when a family returns home, they upload the pictures to a group Snapfish account so that we can always see how our children are doing and watch their growth from afar.  I know these pictures will also be a priceless memory for our boys one day as this last year was an important part of their history and I have all the photos in an album for each child.  What has become humorous in these photos is this one particular teal sweatshirt that our son Mikias must have a fondness for…it’s shown up throughout various photos for a year now!  My friend Celeste is in Ethiopia this week picking up her beautiful daughters and captured our little man’s smile, once again in the teal sweatshirt!  I’m thinking I might just have to ask the caregivers if we can have it as a memento for him…he seems quite taken to it!

(Pictures are in ascending order, beginning with one taken last February and ending with one from Tuesday of this week!)

Taken Tuesday, February 23rd

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