I sometimes forget…

This week I was reminded of the magnitude of what we are doing by adopting these two little boys into our family…I sometimes forget.  We’ve been in the adoption world and the process for so long now, that I just think of Mikias and W as my sons and most of the time, my brain is simply swirling around all the normal aspects of being their mommy.  “Do we have the right size clothes for Mikias?” “What foods do I need to be prepared to make when they get home so as to not upset their tummies?”  “How will we work through the language barrier and how can I make sure he understands ‘I love you’?”  I seldom take time to stop and dwell on the beauty of adoption and the ultimate reality that earthly adoption points to…our adoption in Christ.

This week God brought these things to mind again.  On Monday, Kevin received an e-mail from a former Southern Seminary student, asking us to be a part of a video-interview this weekend at the seminary in regards to our adoption journey and specifically in celebration of the one-year anniversary of Dr. Russell Moore’s book, Adopted for Life.  This book was on my reading list for this year, so I picked it up Monday afternoon and began devouring it so as not to be unprepared for the interview. (I’ll post my review of Dr. Moore’s book sometime this week.)  As it turns out, Molly Kate started throwing up last night around 9 pm and after a long night of sickness and little sleep, we had to notify those in charge today, that we would not be able to participate in the interview.  At this point, our main priority is getting and keeping ourselves well before we leave this Friday to get Mikias!

Nevertheless, preparing for the interview and reading Adopted for Life gave me great time this past week to dwell on the magnitude of my own adoption in Christ (and all that it means for why Christians should be involved in earthly adoptions) and to think about how God will use our family in the future to encourage a culture of adoption.  One of the questions we would have been asked in the interview is “What has God taught you about the gospel through this adoption?”  I thought for at least a day on this one…there are so many, many things God has revealed to me over the last year and a half.  But one thought continued to resurface in my head….the great sacrifice that my Father made in order to adopt me into His family.  Our adoption journey has been filled with so much heartache, trials, loss and personal sacrifice (of time, money, even some relationships).  And yet, I have not had to give the life of my only child in order to adopt these two boys into my family.  God the Father sacrificed His Only Son…He crushed His child in order that my adoption would be completed.  I was an orphan…I was an outcast from the family of God and He willingly chose to lay down the life of Jesus in order that I might become His daughter.  The depth of His sacrifice has become so much more tangible, so much more clear through the suffering we’ve endured in our own adoption journey.  And just as I know that every bit of heartache and trial and sacrifice will be more than worth it to share in the joy and privilege of raising these precious children, so I have come to know more certainly that God knew me being a part of His family was worth it.  How deeply humbled I am by such love.

Strange that this was the week we thought we would meet our sons for the first time.  Strange that God had us prepare for an interview that would never happen.  But, how thankful I am for the time this to sit and meditate on what our adoption of these boys really means and remember why we began this journey in the first place.

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