Cowboy Nachos

And I quote my husband tonight as we were engulfing these nachos…”This has to go on the blog (chomp, chomp, chomp) because we love mankind.”

A lot of you have probably heard of the Pioneer Woman (she has a new cookbook out called The Pioneer Woman Cooks).  I first read an article about her in Southern Living and my sister happened to have just purchased the cookbook.  The article listed several of her recipes, including this one for Cowboy Nachos.  The picture looked so yummy that I knew I would have to try them.  And tonight, I think my husband fell even more in love with me (read the end of her recipe)!  And my son as well…Mikias almost put away an entire pie plate by himself!!  I substituted a smaller pork loin for the beef brisket to save money and topped the nachos with her Pico de Gallo, chopped avocados and sour cream.  Kevin added sliced jalapeno to his.  All tummies in our home were quite satisfied!

If I’ve enticed you to give this one a try, go here for the recipe!

3 thoughts on “Cowboy Nachos

  1. I was looking for beef recipes when I found your post quite high up in my search. It wasn’t really what I was looking for but it was an interesting read. Enough to make me come back and have another look sometime to see what else you’ve talked about

  2. I saw the title before I saw the picture or recipe, and I knew I would try these one day soon. What does that say about me?

    I hope you’re well, Laura! I was actually in your end of town today as I took Kurt to Dorothy Sayers for his class, and as I thought of you, I prayed for you!

  3. These look out of this world good! I can guarantee that I will be making these soon! Mrs. Cyndi actually gave me the cookbook after I had surgery! Maybe I will make the nachos for her! Thanks for always supplying my with great recipes!

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