Happy Birthday Mikias!

Monday our oldest son turned 6 years old!  We began celebrating his birthday last Friday evening with cake (his request this year was Spiderman) and then opened presents as a family on Monday, but his bike didn’t make it here until yesterday!  So he got to really stretch his birthday and I think that was quite fine by him!!  It was such a joy to make his birthday special given that I’m sure this was his first time to experience a special day that simply celebrates his life.  And he was so thankful for it all…he must have thanked me a hundred times for making his birthday cake and when he awoke to doughnuts on his actual birthday, he wanted to call Daddy right away to thank him for picking them up the night before.  What a special child the Lord has blessed our family with…I love him more and more with each passing day.

Our crew before the party!
The Cake!
He blew out his candles so fast, I missed the picture...so this is take two!
Spiderman on a motorcycle...the present he requested over and over!
Mikias opened presents way too slow for Molly Kate's style...here she is begging him to open the next one!

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mikias!

  1. So excited that Mikias has such a great 6th birthday! Really miss my grandbabies. They are such a joy! I am so blessed! Mama

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