Oh, How Time Flies!

I can hardly believe how fast the days are moving right now.  And because time is moving so quickly, I struggle to find the hours to squeeze everything in…including this blog!  I enjoy writing and that was one of the reasons for starting a blog in the first place. But by the time I read the Word, run on the treadmill, nurse my sweet little man, change Miles’ diaper for the millionth time, read a book to Molly Kate and Mikias, wipe the kitchen table, sweep up all the crumbs again and fold just one more load of laundry, time is up and I know I have to get some sleep so I can do it all again the next day!  While most days, the Lord is gracious to give me joy in the mundane tasks that come with being a mom and a homemaker, I really do miss the time I used to have for reading and blogging…these two past times are just completely lost right now, and may be for a while longer.

At any rate, here I sit, with twenty-five minutes until I feed Madden and get the rest of the crew up from nap/rest time and I really don’t know what to write about!  I know many of you are wondering how we are doing and the answer I give most frequently is “so much better than I thought we would be at this point.”  The children seem to be becoming better friends with each passing day, which means more laughter and less screaming and I certainly won’t complain about that!  Molly Kate, who obviously had the hardest transition of them all, seems to really be coming around and is always trying to include one or both brothers in her imaginative play.  Next week begins our first official week of home school (Mikias will be starting kindergarten and Molly Kate will be working on some pre-school), so any bits of free time I do have are spent planning and preparing for this endeavor.  Kevin and I are constantly discussing the way God has used all of the changes in our life to uncover deep sin…I feel like the depravity of my heart is always on display as I seek to mother these four little ones.  I’m so very thankful for the women’s group I just joined…as we study through the book of John, I’ve been encouraged to keep looking to Jesus, my righteousness and the One who obeyed perfectly for me.

But, if I had to name the thought that comes across my mind most each day, it would be the wondering about the place of ministry God is preparing for us.  Kevin and I have begun praying often for our future place of ministry (the kids and I also pray for this each morning at breakfast) and Kevin is actively searching for where God might lead us.  We’ve both begun to sense our time in Louisville will be coming to a close soon and I’m so excited to see what the Lord has planned for us.  So, while time seems to be flying right now, I also feel the need to make the most of what time we might have left in this place that has been such a great temporary home.  May the Lord continue to help me prioritize well…a prayer I lift up continually throughout each day!

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