5 Months Old!

Our littlest man is getting bigger every day!  And let me just tell you…he has completely stolen my heart!  I tell him all the time that I’m wrapped around his little finger and there’s no question that he’s going to be just spoiled rotten!  He is such an easy-going baby and while  his daytime sleep was a bit rocky the first few months, I think we’ve gotten most of the issues straightened out and he’s content as can be.  I’ve also (drumroll please…) been able to add dairy and tomatoes back to my diet and so far (fingers-crossed please!) he’s been just fine!  I’m so thankful to have milk, cheese, sour cream and chocolate again!  I also had no idea how much I really do love tomatoes…they really add so much flavor to food!  But I love Madden a million times more, so the sacrifices were more than worth it!  I praise God for this happy little baby and the smiles and laughter he brings to my each and every day!

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