Amazon Mom

I’ve had several requests to post this information, so here it is!  A couple of months ago, I read about Amazon Mom on the Money Saving Mom site. Amazon Mom is a free membership program that provides two major benefits: 15% off diapers and wipes and free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime for the first three months of your membership.  After that, you can still earn more months of free shipping so long as you are spending $25 in the baby store each month. It doesn’t cost anything to join Amazon Mom and as long as you are a parent, you are eligible!

But, it gets even better!  Amazon also has a program called Subscribe and Save.   Whenever you choose diapers that are within the Subscribe and Save program, you receive an additional 15% off.  Once the diapers arrive, simply click on the link from your e-mail confirmation and cancel the subscription.  You can change your items and subscriptions as many times as you want!

Let me give you an example of how much money I saved on diapers for Madden last month. currently has the diapers I’m buying for Madden (Pampers Baby Dry Diapers, size 3) priced at $44.99 for a 204 count box.  I bought this same box of diapers through my Amazon Mom account with the Subscribe and Save option for $28.62.  That’s $0.22/diaper versus $0.14/diaper!  Now, don’t get me wrong…I know Pampers are a more expensive brand.  But for my little-bottomed babies, they somehow work best for us in the beginning.  We’ll most likely move Madden to LUVS or the Target brand Up & Up diapers after he turns one, but during this season of needing many diapers, Amazon has been awesome!  It’s also super-convenient…when I notice Madden is low on diapers, I jump online, place my order and  have my diapers in two days!  Plus, from time to time, Parents magazine will have 20% off diapers on Amazon coupons, which really increases our savings!

Okay…there’s my sales pitch!  If you’re a mommy with a little one in diapers, go join Amazon Mom today!

3 thoughts on “Amazon Mom

  1. I just ordered my first box yesterday! Got a 150ish count of size 5 pampers baby dry for under $11! I had a couple of coupons, but wow!! Plus I ordered some other stuff that I was able to get 2 days shipping on!

  2. Oh, my goodness! I can’t believe we both posted this in the same week! OOPS! I’ve ordered diapers like this since Theo’s been born…. lovin’ it!

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