Our January

Snow, snow and more snow…that would pretty much sum up January at our house!  So, the kids have to get a little more creative to have fun while being indoors 90% of the time, but the winter hasn’t been near as bad as I had imagined it to be!  Here’s a few pics from the past month…these definitely showcase their personalities!

This Minnie is so big she is like a 5th child at our house...thanks Aunt Amy, no really, thanks 🙂
You know whether or not Miles likes the food by how long it takes him to eat it...notice the entire table has been cleared and Molly Kate is now helping him try to finish! In all truthfulness, she just wants dessert and knows it will come faster if Miles is finished!
Sweet brothers...Mikias is so loving with Madden, always trying to make him laugh, calm his cries and shower him with kisses!
There are no words...
So proud of himself for getting a hold of my phone...yep, he's going to be spoiled rotten!
Having been instructed to get dressed and brush her teeth while I changed Madden, Molly Kate appears upstairs and says "Mommy, I'm Princess Leia!"
Two seconds later, the artist Mikias appeared...he had done all the clipping himself! Oh, how I love the creativity of children! It keeps me laughing all the time!

4 thoughts on “Our January

  1. Love these pics!!! Can’t believe how long Madden looks! Love how creative the kids are. Can’t wait to see them next week!!! Love to all!

  2. Okay people, to be clear, I believe that Madden and I were simply using the Xbox remote to watch a special on Jesus and the Disciples…..or was that the time we watched the documentary on French poets. Yall need to stop jumping to conlusions….like i was playing video games or something….pleeeeease!

  3. Hello,
    I have read the majority of your blog, and I just can’t believe the adoption journey you went through. Can I ask if you would recommend your agency? Were the delays mostly in Ethiopia or here? Do you think the agency could have prevented some of the delays?

    We are just starting the process, and I really really want to pick the right agency! Any advice is very appreciated!

    Thank you,

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