Thoughts of my wife on V-Day

Laura kind of takes jabs at me every once in a while because I have a blog but I write on there like every 6 months…….at best!  I thought this year, instead of getting a cheesy card or writing a letter, I would write a post to her on her blog.  While this would be unexpected by her, for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out her password so I had to call her and get it.  Right…not as smooth as I hoped it would be.  But, I digress.  This blog is one of my ways to wish her happy Valentines day, be able to claim blogship, at least for a few more weeks, and fight The Man at Hallmark.   Its a win for her, me and guys everywhere. 

If you are reading this blog today, more than likely, you have read it before or do so on a normal basis.  I actually get on here sometimes and read through each post about our family and life (I skip the recipes…though if you want to make your hubby happy, try the cinnamon rolls and/or the cowboy nachos).  Obviously, I know the stories already but I like to hear them again.  I enjoy reading and re-reading my wife’s take on what is happening in our lives and what God is teaching her through our circumstances.  Each time, I am reminded how wise my wife is….a charge she denies.  I think wisdom is being able to look at life through the lens of God’s character and promises.  This is how she treats life and is the majority of what she writes about on this blog.  Really, I read because it makes me so proud of my wife.  A quick read will show that the last few years of our life haven’t been tremendously easy  but it has been a pleasure for me to have front row seats to how God is sanctifying her through these trials.  Seeing sanctification in our own lives is usually pretty difficult.  Even when others tell us they see God growing us, we can be quick to just think we have them fooled or that they don’t know us very well.  Community is a blessing God uses to encourage us that the work that He began is being completed and that even if we can’t see it, others can.  The day I married Laura, I was proud to call her my wife.  These last few years and how she has grown through them have only strengthened that. 

I really wrestled with how to write these thoughts and wrote and erased for literally hours. Strange, considering I wanted it to be nothing more than a short few paragraphs (This could explain why I don’t blog too much). In the end, the answer was pretty clear. On the inside of her wedding band are the words Proverbs 31.  It is about the virtuous wife and what characterizes her life. The foundation of it is a woman that fears the Lord and it is off of this foundation that the rest of her life is built. Her life is characterized by hard work, dignity, strength and overall care for her household and the needy. This is my wife. Now, this lady in proverbs 31 was not perfect and the description of her was not exhaustive. She was wise and daily becoming more wise. In that way, I see my wife. Out of all of the descriptions in Proverbs 31, I can’t find one where I feel like she has not greatly matured or has taken steps back. I really like v 29 that says: “Many daughters have done well, but you excel them all.” That is a verse that I would use to describe Laura. I am so glad that God has blessed my life with her. I truly don’t deserve her but that just shows the grace of our God. Laura, you are an amazing wife to me and I look forward to the rest of our lives together.


5 thoughts on “Thoughts of my wife on V-Day

  1. I enjoyed reading, Kevin! I admire your wife for lots of reasons. Way to encourage her and praise her (praising God for her too!) her today!

  2. Even though I had to give you the password, this post was still an excellent surprise and so very encouraging on a weary day (for those reading my comment…Molly Kate had a horrible bike wreck yesterday and was up all night sick). I love you Kevin…so very, very much.

  3. Laura…hopefully you won’t think I’m crazy, but I have been reading your blog for awhile. To be honest with you , I can’t even remember how I found it originally. Anyway, my husband and I have begun the adoption process from Ethiopia. Did y’all use Hope Adoption Agency out of St. Louis? I think I’ve seen that on your blog at some point. We are thinking of using them. My email address is We applied with another agency, but I think we are about to change. Would you mind emailing me if you used Hope? I would like to talk to someone that used them.

    Thanks so much, and your family is beautiful!! And, your husbands words were so sweet!

    Meredith Meurrier

  4. Well you sure did show up all those men at Hallmark! Truly, what a sweet word Kevin and I think she is pretty wise too! Thankful for both of you!

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