Our March

Sadly, our March was fairly uneventful.  The cold that dragged on kept me in a serious funk, but there was still much work to be done as you’ll see in the final picture.  We are all quite happy that spring has finally arrived and I think we’ve spent almost every waking moment outside the last week or so.  Mommy, kids, dog and husband are all in much better spirits with the sun finally shining brightly!  I apologize there aren’t many pictures to share from our not-so-exciting month and not a single one of Mikias…I’ll have to make up for that this month!


My happy-go-lucky boy!



In the swing for the first time! Well, at least the outdoor kind 🙂



Starting him out early! He was tickled with his new find!



How much can we put in our mouths?! So glad I've calmed down in my germ phobias!



Molly Kate constantly requests her picture to be taken with Madden. She love, love, loves her baby brother...and all babies for that matter!



The end result of three weeks of non-stop work...our house is for sale! We're hoping this is the first step in being one-step closer to full-time vocational ministry! Hooray!!













One thought on “Our March

  1. What??!! NO, you can’t leave!!!!! On a more serious note, did you ever sell your other house? We do wish you all the best in your full-time ministry.

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