Miles is Three!

Last week we finally got to celebrate a birthday with our precious son Miles!  After watching his first two birthdays from across an ocean, it was such a joy to be able to make last Tuesday a special day for our newest three-year old.  We’ve actually been stretching his birthday out for weeks now (I guess it was well-deserved…he came home last summer in time to see Molly Kate and Mikias have birthdays and then have to wait another 10 months for his to roll around!).  As pictured earlier, we celebrated with an elephant cake and gifts while at the beach with my family.  Nevertheless, we started May 10th with donuts and scrambled eggs, had a fun day of playing outside and then Kevin took Miles to an indoor play gym during Mikias’ tae kwan do class for an extra treat.  We ended the day with spaghetti (Miles LOVES pasta!), cupcakes and a few more gifts.  And somehow, in the midst of it all, we also potty-trained Miles last week…he is absolutely hilarious in his zeal over going “tee-tee in the potty” and is quite proud to finally wear big boy underwear like his older brother!

Miles was more excited about the balloons than the donuts!
A few tries, but eventually, all the candles went out!
Miles is admiring his new toy while the other two are secretly thinking about their turn to play with it!!
Our sweet birthday boy!

One thought on “Miles is Three!

  1. I love the new blog look! And I also loved Mikias’ t-shirt in those pics…how special for him to have a t-shirt with his alphabet! You are a great mama, laura…miss you!

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