Eleven Months Old

Only one more month and my baby is one…aaghhh!!  I’m really so thankful he isn’t walking yet…it makes me feel like I can hold onto his baby-ness just a little bit longer!  This month Madden figured out how to climb the stairs and since our house is on the market, we don’t have any gates up.  But don’t worry…like a siren, Molly Kate yells out “he’s heading for the stairs!!” anytime Madden remotely looks like he might try to attempt the climb without adult supervision.  So he’s definitely well protected.  He also started waving this past week and tonight I caught him waving at his reflection in the oven door and laughing…cutest kid ever! He really does bring so much joy and delight to our lives…praise God for the precious little one!

Pardon the drool, but my mommy loves this picture of me 🙂
Lovey entered the photo shoot only to dive straight into Madden's mouth!
Showing off his pearly whites!
Pat-a-cake, Pat-a-cake - Madden's new fave!

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