Painted Chest of Drawers

I knew I was looking forward to this summer and taking a break from home school!  For as long as I can remember, I have loved (loved, loved!) painted furniture.  Whenever I walk into antique stores, I sit and admire old pieces of furniture that have been re-painted in fun, new colors.  I’ve recently been thinking about painting Molly Kate’s chest of drawers, but was looking for just the right hardware.  Kevin indulged me and let me bop into Anthropologie (hands down my favorite store on the planet) on our way home from Alabama and I spotted the perfect knobs and handles for my little girl’s chest.  This find set everything else into motion and I’ve been on a “furniture painting” frenzy lately!  But I’m also having the time of my life…I love opportunities to express creativity as I think it reflects God image as Creator and I’m thankful He’s allowed me some down time to do something I love!

This blog was unbelievably helpful in getting all the right tools to paint furniture.  Since she has outlined her projects so well, I won’t do it here.  I will say there were four very necessary tools to make these projects work well…a power sander, a product called Floetrol (which can be purchased at any specialty paint store), a Purdy angled paint brush and MinWax Polyurethane spray to seal the pieces.  I will always use all of these for my future endeavors (and I have many piling up in my head!)!

These pictures make me realize our need for a good camera (hopefully my Christmas present this year!).  Sorry the color is not great, but you’ll get the general idea!

Molly Kate's Chest Before
Molly Kate's Chest After
Another angle
Boys' Chest Before
Boys' Chest After
The flash made the color too light in this picture, but you can see the entire piece!

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