Old Desk Revamp

We’ve had this desk for years now, a hand-me down from my Granny.  I love the lines of the desk and knew it would be a beautiful painted piece one day.  Now that I’ve gotten the hang of this painting thing, I thought it was time to pick a color.  I chose Urban Nature, a Pottery Barn/Benjamin Moore color but had the paint mixed at Home Depot to save money.  This shade of green matches our bedding just in case the desk winds up in our room at the next house.  I’d also love to recover the chair, but am going to hold off on that venture until we move and know exactly where my desk will be housed!  I’m really pleased with the final product but could kick myself for not taking a good “before” photo!  Here’s a few pictures with the desk in the background…hopefully, you can get the gist of it!

Here's the corner of the desk in a photo taken for our house listing
Here's a little more of the desk taken way back when...I can't believe how old my sweet girl is now!
Molly Kate holding onto the desk chair when she had just started walking...can I just say digging through these old photos last night made me super-sad? Time with little ones really does go by too fast.
My "new" desk, painted and oh so fresh!
From a different angle
New hardware from Home Depot...only $3.48 to update a very dated, large brass drawer pull!

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