Happy Birthday Mikias!

I can’t believe he’s 7 years old…it seems like time has flown by and the tiny Ethiopian boy we met just a year and a half ago has grown in countless ways…physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I love and adore Mikias with a depth that words could never express…he has a heart of gold (sinful, yes, but God’s graces are certainly evident!) and a personality that makes everyone take to him in a heartbeat.  Most days you wouldn’t know he’s not biologically mine…he’s warm, personable, smart and a true perfectionist!  I love that he is always eager and happy to serve, he rarely complains about anything and he deeply loves his brothers and sister. Just today Madden crawled over to where Mikias was lying on the floor and just laid his head on his big brother’s chest.  The children think the world of their oldest brother and he cares well for them as the protector and leader.  I continue to pray that God will make the gospel more understandable to him, particularly that Mikias would grieve his sin and turn to Jesus in true repentance.  I have every hope God is working out a great salvation!

Mikias asked for a pirate ship birthday cake this year…he has a Melissa and Doug treasure chest that he’s always enjoyed playing with and I think that’s where he got the idea!  This year we started the tradition that the children get to plan the entire day’s menu on their birthday and Mikias loved having such control!  We feasted on cheese omelets this morning, hot dogs for lunch and shrimp scampi this evening…a nice array of dishes!  After dinner we had two families over for cake, ice cream and of course…presents!  I know Mikias felt the love of our friends and family today…he couldn’t stop thanking us for his super-fun birthday!

As a side-note, if any of you have ever considered adopting an older child but you just aren’t sure…talk to me!  I really can’t imagine my life without Mikias…he has probably brought more to my life than I’ve brought to his!

Posing with his cake!
Prepping to blow out all those candles!
Madden LOVES birthday cake!
Very excited about his Star Wars Clone Trooper costume from Nana and Poppa!
Family Pic...too much going on for MK to focus on smiling!
Suited up and ready to fight!

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mikias!

    1. Thanks sweet friend! So is your family 🙂 Thinking about you guys and Caroline Faith all the time…can’t wait to see how God’s plan unfolds!

  1. Love the cake! Looks like he had a great birthday. So wish I could have been there to give him a birthday hug! Can’t wait to see you, Kevin & the kids next week!!! Love you, Mama

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