Bedroom Update

We finished these projects back in the summer, but I kept forgetting to post them.  Our bedroom was in pretty sad shape from the time we got married.  Forever we kept the bedding I had as a single Cru staff girl and I admit, it was a little feminine for a master bedroom!  I love our sleigh bed, but the chest of drawers was starting to look dated and we had inherited mis-matching old nightstands from my grandparents.  Thankfully, my parents gave us this new bedding last Christmas from Pottery Barn and we both love it.  Once I went on my crazy painting binge, I decided to update our furniture with an awesome shade of gray from Benjamin Moore.  I couldn’t be happier with the results and our hold hand-me-down nightstands now have an ultra-cool vibe!  I’m still amazed what a pint of paint and some cheap hardware can do for old furniture!

Our chest before...
and after!!
My nightstand...what a beauty, huh?!
And now with fresh paint!
A closer look...the hardware was only $0.99/knob at Home Depot!
Kevin's nightstand before...
and after!

2 thoughts on “Bedroom Update

  1. Hey Alicia! Its called Greyswood by Benjamin Moore…it definitely has a greener tint to it but it was a spot-on match for the gray in our bedspread (I took the sham to the BM store!). But I also love BM Chelsea Gray…I’m going to find something to paint with that color…maybe my dining room walls in the next house 🙂

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