Pumpkin Patch Time!

Not sure what it is about pumpkin patches, but they make for the best pictures!  We had incredible weather for our visit this year and the bonus of Gramma!  This might be one of my favorite fall activities and I’m so thankful that despite the craziness of our life, we could squeeze this in before moving!

Family pic on the haystack!

Ready for the hayride with Gramma!
Miles and Molly Kate couldn't wait to pick our their pumpkins!
Best big brother in the whole wide world...seriously!
All my men...
Utterly delighted!
My little perfectionist had to find the perfect pumpkin!
How about this one Mama? I love Madden posing in the background!!
The bond between these two still brings tears to my eyes...what a mighty God we serve!
This girl could have spent all day on the horse...she loves them!!
Love this, just love it!
Funny boys!


300 and Forward

So this post marks my 300th post on this blog, which is mostly a journey of my life and the journey of our Almighty God working to ever refine my faith.  It is fitting then, today, that I share with you how God is moving our family forward and exciting path that lie ahead for the Cuthbertson crew! For the last year, Kevin has been having conversations with a pastor at Prays Mill Baptist Church in Douglasville, Georgia.  The pastor, Josh, and Kevin have known each other since seminary and as their conversations progressed, God began opening a door for Kevin at this church.  For those of you who don’t know my husband well, God has gifted him beautifully in teaching His Word but also in music.  On October 9th, the congregation at Prays Mill voted unanimously for Kevin to be their new Associate Pastor of Music and Education.  We could not be more thrilled and delighted at the way God has so kindly and graciously made His will known to us.  We moved to Louisville over seven years ago, certain that the Lord would one day place us in a church body for the purpose of growing that congregation in holiness and that day has finally arrived!  You can understand our excitement!  Our entire family made a visit to the church in September and I was overwhelmed with the love and kindness the people poured out on our family.  I whispered to Kevin during the service Sunday morning that I felt as if I had come home.  Even more precious to my heart is how excited our children are about the move…they have already begun making friends and they love everything about the children’s ministry at Prays Mill.  Thank you Lord for readying their hearts for this transition.

I wish I had the time to recount all the ways God has worked even the smallest of details in our favor these last few weeks.  Our house in Louisville is actually selling for list price and the buyers seem to really love it (something I had prayed for given how many sweet memories this home holds for us).  Our mortgage broker who we just “happened” to connect to because we just “happened” to randomly pull a realtor from the internet might be one of the most precious people I’ve ever met and she’s already encouraged me a million times over as we prepare for this move!  I read this verse the morning that Kevin was to be voted on…”The hand of our God is favorably disposed to all those who seek Him” (Ezra 8:22).  Such promises are the ones I have to fight most to believe…our circumstances these last couple of years certainly wouldn’t lend anyone to think that God is favorably disposed to us.  And while I know this verse is true regardless of circumstance (after all, God has shown all of His favor toward me in giving His Son to pay the penalty for my sin), it has nevertheless been a refreshing mercy of God to allow so many details to fall into place these last few weeks.

I welcome your prayers for the house we are trying to buy in Douglasville.  The home is a foreclosure with some needed repairs, but it could potentially be a beautiful home for our family, with enough space to have a real school room and allow the kids to spread out a bit (currently our oldest three share a bedroom).  We are in the offer/counter offer phase and I’ve heard it can be a bit tricky when a bank owns the home.  Yet, I’ve felt fairly confident of God’s goodness and assured that He will place us exactly where it is best for us.

As far as details, we’ll drive out of Louisville on November 15th.  Kevin will begin his work in Douglasville on the 16th while the kids and I crash at my parents and wait to see where we will eventually dwell!  It will be an interesting few weeks, especially given that our family will be split during Thanksgiving, Kevin’s b-day and the Christmas season.  You can pray that we’ll be able to maintain some of the traditions that have come to be so important to our family while also being flexible during this transition period.

Here’s a few pretty cute pics that my mom took in the house we are hoping to buy (ignore the paint job!)…keep praying sweet friends!

Hide-and-Seek in the kitchen cabinets!
My cuties!
A beautiful friendship is blossoming!

Fun in the Sun

We just returned from a sweet and wonderful trip to Orange Beach, AL with my family.  My parents recently sold their condo, so this was our last trip for a while.  How gracious the Lord has been to our family to allow so many precious memories to be made in Orange Beach and how thankful I am to my parents for their humble generosity.  We also got some very exciting news during our trip and I look forward to sharing it with you soon (and no, there are no more Cuthbertsons entering our family any time soon :)!!  For now, enjoy the pics!

Family Pic
Mikias loving the wake board!
This baby loved the sand (and the birds!)!
Compliments of Daddy!
Sweet Cousins (thanks to Nana for the wardrobing!)
Madden sure loves his Poppa!
Ready, Set, Go!
Flyin' her airplane!
Miles' loved the mini choo-choo train!
Sweet baby Hardy with Nana!