Merry Christmas to All!

What joy to begin celebrating the birth of our Savior this morning in corporate worship (after our annual breakfast birthday cake to Jesus, of course!)!  It was a sweet sound to this mama’s ears to hear my children loudly singing the Christmas hymns with such excitement this morning!  I also got a nice surprise late last night…I thought Kevin wouldn’t be here at my parents’ until this afternoon after leading music at our new church in Douglasville.  But, in great kindness, our pastor told Kevin he could head on out last night and my sweet hubby decided to surprise me with his presence!  Having prepared myself to spend half of Christmas day without him, you can imagine how happy I was to have my man by my side!

I hope and pray each of you were able to celebrate in great joy and thankfulness today, that the King of Kings and Lord of Lords came down to us in infant form that He might save us from the wrath of God by submitting to death on a cross.  Oh, what depths of Love…oh, what mighty grace and mercy!

Blowing out the candles for Jesus!
Merry Christmas from the Cuthbertsons!
Mikias with his new Lego!
Molly Kate with her new double stroller...quite the little mommy!!
Miles with his new "big boy" bike!! Our little man was so proud today!
Madden riding his new Thomas train! This toy was given to us a few years back so we only spent $30 for a new battery and wow!
"And to all a good night!"

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