Homebound Vacation

I’m a type-A, schedule-ortiented, routine driven kind of person…oftentimes to a fault.  Thankfully, God keeps working on me and has lately been showing me (in various ways and through various people) the parts of my life where I need to let go a little, especially when it comes to simply “being” with my children and enjoying them while they are little.

So this week is winter break for our county.  That means all regular activities are cancelled and I decided to take full advantage of a relatively slow week where we didn’t have to be anywhere!  God has blessed us even more with beautiful weather and we’ve spent countless hours in the backyard.  We’ve soaked in a lot of sunshine, finished and begun some really good books, made a King Cake for Mardi Gras, had a picnic by the lake in our neighborhood and enjoyed play-time with new friends.  Tonight, after much creative begging from my little people, I agreed to let them have a tent sleepover in the little boys’ room.  I can’t tell you how cute they were getting snuggled into a bit of a tiny tent for three bodies.  I let them have some time to hang out in the tent before lights out and when I came back in to tuck them in, I heard my precious seven-year old boy excitedly reading “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” while the others listened with delight.  These are the moments I don’t want to miss and I’m praying constantly for the grace to “slow down” and just “be”.

Our King Cake - Recipe found here
Sibling Sleepover

Catching Up in Pictures

Here’s a few (or maybe a lot) of pictures from our last month or so…

Molly Kate began ballet and tap in January and this is her posing before her first class! She is definitely my "girly-girl" and loves attending her class every week!
Mikias before his first basketball game with our church sports program (PM Sports). He's loving being involved in sports and is actually picking up the game pretty quickly!
Mikias in action!
The outside of our home...I realized I never posted it! And the sign was a welcoming joke from our oh-so-funny pastor!
A little water-color painting...Miles loves art!
This was Madden's expression the entire three weeks of his cast...
except when it looked like this...
or this! The double ear infection didn't help 🙂
The kids love our backyard, particularly this one little hill that's the perfect slope for riding down on small wheeled toys! I can't tell you how many squeals and shrieks we've heard as they've ridden down the hill on everything imaginable!
Mikias practicing his skateboarding skills on the patio!
My baby isn't a baby anymore...he's quite proud of his new cup-drinking abilities, which he mastered with the cast. I love the expression on his face and the reminder of how even the smallest achievements are mighty ones when you're a child!
Even Annie seems to be enjoying our new space!


Baked Pasta with Chicken and Sundried Tomatoes

Photo Credit

As we dive into a season full of hospitality and having families over for dinner often, I’ve been on the search (thank you Pinterest!) for main dishes that easily feed a crowd.  Some of our normal weekly recipes just feed our little army of six and won’t work for bigger groups.  I ran across this recipe a few months ago, made it very unsuccessfully before we left Louisville (ahem, I scorched the milk which gave the whole dish that horrible burnt taste) but decided to give it one more go when our pastor and his family came for dinner.  And so glad I didn’t give up on this one…it was absolutely delicious! I served it with steamed broccoli and home-made buttermilk rolls.  We fed 11 people (4 adults, 7 kids) and had plenty leftover.  This will definitely be one of my new go-to recipes when entertaining!

Hop on over here to grab the recipe!