Catching Up in Pictures

Here’s a few (or maybe a lot) of pictures from our last month or so…

Molly Kate began ballet and tap in January and this is her posing before her first class! She is definitely my "girly-girl" and loves attending her class every week!
Mikias before his first basketball game with our church sports program (PM Sports). He's loving being involved in sports and is actually picking up the game pretty quickly!
Mikias in action!
The outside of our home...I realized I never posted it! And the sign was a welcoming joke from our oh-so-funny pastor!
A little water-color painting...Miles loves art!
This was Madden's expression the entire three weeks of his cast...
except when it looked like this...
or this! The double ear infection didn't help 🙂
The kids love our backyard, particularly this one little hill that's the perfect slope for riding down on small wheeled toys! I can't tell you how many squeals and shrieks we've heard as they've ridden down the hill on everything imaginable!
Mikias practicing his skateboarding skills on the patio!
My baby isn't a baby anymore...he's quite proud of his new cup-drinking abilities, which he mastered with the cast. I love the expression on his face and the reminder of how even the smallest achievements are mighty ones when you're a child!
Even Annie seems to be enjoying our new space!


One thought on “Catching Up in Pictures

  1. At first, Annie looked like a bear! And, love the house pictures. It looks awesome. I can’t imagine living in a house that beautiful after living here 5 years. Hope everything with the church transition is going well.

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