My Heartfelt Apology

Yesterday it was brought to my attention that a few sentences in my post regarding Colossians 4:6 and biblical parenting may be taken offensively by some of my readers, particularly members of our new church.  I have been so broken before the Lord this weekend that I would ever be so careless as to write something that might be hurtful.  In fact, I always take great measure to pray through each post, that God would make my words humble and edifying and to that end, I always let Kevin edit my posts before I hit “publish”.  He nor I caught the statement that had potential to be harmful, but once brought to our attention, we understood and I am so very sorry for my words.   In a post about teaching your children to be gracious with your words, I wasn’t careful to be gracious with my own and I am deeply sorry for any hurt my words may have caused any of you.  Please forgive me.  I wrote that I feel like an odd-ball here in this new place and to clarify, I was mostly just baring my soul that this has been such a hard transition for me.  Overall, I don’t feel like I’m fitting in here and I am very lonely.  But that comment wasn’t a jab toward our church…the members of our church are precious and loving people.  It was more just a statement about where I’m at.  I also said that I’m more determined than ever to raise my children biblically, but I’m not motivated because of any great lack of biblical parenting here, but rather because through my own times with the Lord and various e-mails and questions from other moms, He has been helping me to think through and see its overall goal and worth.  Again, I’m so sorry that I didn’t phrase my words more carefully and I hope this will help to clarify my heart and intentions.  I love parenting, I love that God has called me to be a mom and if this blog serves as anything, I would want it to encourage other moms to love and cherish their role and find great satisfaction in putting their whole hearts into raising their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

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