On a Lighter Note – Disney World!

Two weeks ago, God graciously provided us a family trip…to Disney World!!  Given the size of our family, I assumed we would never be able to afford to take our kids to see good ole Mickey Mouse.  But the Lord so kindly provided for several of the associated expenses and we were able to spend an entire day at Magic Kingdom!  I’m bummed I didn’t get more pictures…it was so hard to get the kids to slow down long enough for a shot!  But here are a few of my favorites:

Dinner at the T-Rex Restaurant in Downtown Disney!
All the PK's...what a crew, huh?!
So thankful for a little girl to share in the wonder of Cinderella's Castle!
My little princess meeting her favorite princess, Rapunzel from Tangled! This was one of my favorite moments of the day...Molly Kate was beyond thrilled and her awe was just precious!
Peter Pan loved our kids...I was literally dragging them away so the people behind us in line wouldn't be mad! They struck up a great conversation with him and he was eating it up!
Molly Kate watching one of the parades and getting her first glimpse of Cinderella and Belle!
Daddy and Madden waiting to ride Aladdin's flying carpets...Madden LOVED the rides! When each one was finished, he would start signing "more" like crazy! He fell asleep during the fireworks, but I'm so glad he woke up before they ended. His facial expressions were priceless and I don't think I'll ever forget his sheer delight in the sky!

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