Easter and The Children

One part of shepherding my children that I always put a lot of effort into is preparing their hearts for the two most important yearly Christian celebrations, Christmas and Easter.  While Molly Kate was just an infant, I read Disciplines of a Godly Family and Treasuring God in Our Traditions and recognized how important it is for little ones to understand the meaning behind these two holidays…two holidays that have become so commercialized in our present day but actually unfold the incredible mystery of God’s wonderful plan of salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ.

This year I feel like Easter kinda snuck up on me.  I had pulled this collection of Easter Scripture readings from Desiring God and planned for us to read them each night starting with Palm Sunday, lighting the candles as directed.  While I was excited for us to dig a little deeper into God’s Word in our Easter preparation this year, I had still hoped to do more.  Understanding this, you can imagine how thrilled I was when my mom mentioned Ann Voskamp’s “Grace Garden” on the phone a few days ago.  She had run across a picture of it on Pinterest (one more reason to love Pinterest!) and mentioned that she thought the kids would really like it.  The minute I read her blog post, I knew we were going to make one.  So yesterday the kids and I took a field trip to Home Depot to plan our garden…a sweet man who loves Jesus (oh yes, my children made sure to ask him!) helped us find just the right rock for Jesus’ tomb and the kids helped pick just the right plants.  And today we sat down in the backyard to plant and prepare our garden, talking all the while about the cross and the tomb and the glorious resurrection.  So come this Sunday, we’ll begin our readings, circled around our garden and the children will have a beautiful visual as they think about the horror and love that flowed mingled down on that cross.

What about you?  How are you preparing your own heart as well as the hearts of your children to mourn the death of our Savior and then joyfully celebrate His power over death in the Resurrection?

Patting down the dirt
Looking for the perfect rock to seal the tomb
Carefully adding her plant
Making room for one more
Very pleased with their hard work (Miles lost interest after the rock finding!)
Our finished "Grace Garden"

2 thoughts on “Easter and The Children

  1. Their Grace Garden looks great! They did an awesome job, but more importantly they have a wonderful visual of why we celebrate Easter. Can’t wait to see all of you next week. Love to all, Mama

  2. What a lovely idea. I may do this with my children! They both just turned 1 and 2 so they are a little young to understand but what a great way to start teaching about the resurrection! I also wanted to say your post about Godly Parenting was exactly what I needed to hear!

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