An End and a Few Pictures

So I’ve been a little absent on the blog front lately…my deepest apologies!  To be honest, the Lord was leading me to just be quiet for a little while.  As the Lord’s hand has continued to be heavy upon me with various trials, I’ve needed time to just be still, be quiet and listen to what the Lord would have me to learn through it all.  While I love blogging and the opportunity it affords me to enjoy the pure pleasure of writing, there are also times when I just want to enjoy my family and the roles God has given me and not worry about recording detailed accounts of it!  And for that reason, this will be my last post.

I was recently told that an old friend of mine said she couldn’t even read my blog, that my kids were too perfect.  I can’t even begin to describe how much that broke my heart.  My kids are not perfect (they are sinners and I remind them of that daily) and I’ve tried so hard to give an accurate picture of our daily life on this blog.  My biggest hope for this blog was that it would encourage those going through trials and encourage godly parenting.  And while I do give a WHOLE lot of time, energy and thought to what I do as a mom and how I’m shepherding my children, I’m also a far cry from perfect.  We are a family, with all the imperfections that families have, but we are a family centered on the gospel and thus, we’re pretty firm when it comes to our expectations for our children and the way we go about raising our children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  And I can’t apologize for that!

Before I go, I do want to encourage any of you who need encouragement through hard trials or who have specific parenting questions to please contact me!  Again, I know I’m no expert…but I have walked through deep pain and difficult trials, and I’d love to speak God’s Word into your life like my best friend spoke it into my life.  And though I’ve only been a parent for five years, by God’s grace, I had the opportunity to learn from some of the most amazing moms I’ve every met and I’m now seeing the fruit of my own labors as my children grow more and more in grace every day.  So I’d love to talk to you or talk through e-mail…anytime!!

Here’s a few pictures of our family from our recent beach trip…I can’t believe when this blog started that we only had Molly Kate and weren’t quite sure how God would bring our family together.  But in His abundant mercy, He made us a beautiful family of six and day by day, gave us a genuine love for one another.  What an amazing and wonderful God that we serve!

Our ever-growing family!
These two got off to such a rough start…I really wondered if they would ever get along. But slowly and with much prayer, God began giving them an affection for one another and I’ve been so surprised at how regularly they want to play with each other now and even defend each other!
I tell Mikias all the time that he’s one of the best things God ever did in my life…adopting an older boy definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone. But this child has brought me more joy and taught me more big lessons and made my life so much sweeter and I could never tell God thank-you enough for the privilege of being his “mom”.
Two very important men in my life…I love my dad more and more and love how much he is enjoying my children! Madden is particularly fond of his Poppa! And I am particularly fond of Madden…he loves me so much and on busy days, I love when time stops for a minute and I just get to hold him and cuddle him. I really won’t know what to do when he’s not on my hip anymore!
Miles celebrated his fourth birthday at the beach! I’m in awe of how much the Lord has grown him since he first came home. He’s completely come out of his shell and while we still battle the effects of institutionalization as an infant, he’s becoming such a sweet little boy with a very loving heart. And he’s hilarious!
She has my heart, and I think she knows it. I love being a mommy to boys, but I’m always so grateful for my little girl. And I love her heart…she really challenges me sometimes! She loves people so well and cares deeply for them. She longs to be kind and gets so frustrated with her own sin. She’s such a neat little person and I just adore her.
Mmmm…I love this boy most of all! God has grown him so much in these last 7 and 1/2 years of marriage and I’m so proud of him. I love his strong convictions, I love his leadership and I love that he loves me! I have no idea what our life holds…God always tends to surprise us! But I hope He continues to let me journey through it with Kevin…with him, I feel safe, secure and protected. Thank you Lord for such an amazing husband!
The Cuthbertson Crew!

Thank you to all of you who have faithfully read this blog, commented on posts and encouraged me!  Thank you for walking with us through some of the darkest of days and for constantly lifting up our family to the Lord in prayer.  Thank you for letting me open up my heart to you!  Much love to all!