Madden turns 2!

So this is the post that made me miss my blog the most…not being able to record our children turning another year older, jotting down a few thoughts about how special that particular child is to our family and gathering some of the best photos from the day.  As I looked through previous posts, it hit me just how much of our family life is chronicled in these pages and how much I treasure having our history all in one place.  One of these days I’m sure I get around to actually publishing the contents in book form, but for now I’m happy to have a place record it all.  And I think my friend Tara is right…one day my children will love being able to look back and enjoy reading of their childhood adventures and all the ups and downs of our life together as a family who longs to love Jesus most of all.  So thank you to all of those who encouraged me to keep on…I’m grateful!

Okay…back to Madden! I cannot (really cannot!) believe my sweet baby is now officially a toddler! Somehow his infancy disappeared faster than I cared for and my little man is quickly turning into such a big boy.  Right around 22 months, his vocabulary took off and he talks from the minute he wakes up until the minute his head hits the pillow at night.  One thing we are particularly fond of is his habit of doubling and tripling every word…”dog-dog,” “Kai-Kai-Kai,” “milk-milk,” “hot-hot,” “cold-cold,” “hug-hug,” and “Kate-Kate-Kate” are some of my favorites!  I think 12 months to 36 months is my favorite stage of early childhood…they are just so stinkin’ cute at this age and Madden is no exception.  He wins over hearts all the time when he gives a teasing look with his big blue eyes or becomes silly just to make others laugh.  I cherish this little boy so much and the God who decided to bless my life with Him, even when I thought the timing couldn’t have been worse.  Madden is a constant reminder that my God always knows what’s best for me and what will result in the greatest glory for Himself and I love that such a reminder came in the form of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed cutie.

Here’s a few shots of his birthday…to make his day more special, we took a trip to the Atlanta Zoo with my mom and Dad (Nana and Poppa).  That evening we had cake and opened presents and by the end of the night, I think Madden had endured all the excitement he could handle!

Admiring the elephants with Nana
Being silly with Molly Kate!
Excited to ride on the caboose!
Madden’s lion cake…in an effort to make the cake a little more exciting than just a lion head, I went overboard with cake and we were eating it for at least two weeks!
Party time! Even though we only do small family birthdays, I enjoy decorating the kitchen up a bit so that our kiddos know these days are special ones!
Squeezing in some reading time with Mommy! He loves being read to and I’m so thankful for moments like these!
Family pic!
Madden’s famous pouty face as he poses with Nana and Poppa!
Delighted to be two!
He’s definitely a fourth child…he blew out his candle perfectly, never coming anywhere close to the flame!
Very pleased with his new train table (thanks Nana & Poppa!) and his Thomas train sets! He’ll sneak away to the basement just to play with the trains…all by himself!
This big kid enjoyed the new train table too!

3 thoughts on “Madden turns 2!

  1. Even though I was there, reading your blog was like getting to enjoy his birthday again. So happy you are still going to blog. Love you! Mama

  2. Oh my! He is precious Laura, so precious! Doesn’t it hurt when they seem to grow so fast? 🙂 our Malachi seems in similar stages….using 2 syllables for everything! So cute. Oh, and that cake is amazing did you make it? So glad you are continuing to blog. You won’t regret it.

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