Molly Kate turns 5!

Our little Molly Kate is not so little anymore and it seems like with each passing day, she is growing up at a faster and faster pace.  She’s always been so mature for her age and people always think she’s older than she is (much to my dismay…I desperately want to keep her little!).  But in the past few weeks, there’s been a sudden surge of growth.  She’s taller and weighs more, but even more noticeable are her conversation skills, the kinds of questions she asking now and the way she’s more consistently choosing servanthood over selfishness.  Of course she still has her moments…she’s only five!  Today I thought I might lose my mind if she got out of her seat one more time during school!!  But I’m so impressed with her on a regular basis.  For her birthday, I surprised her by taking her to get her ears pierced.  She had been asking for a while now and Kevin and I felt like there was no good reason to wait, but we did want to do it on a special occasion.  She was such a trooper as she so badly wanted it done!  Afterwards we were walking through the mall and she was super-quiet.  I asked her what she was thinking about and she replied, “I’m just so grateful that you let me get my ears pierced today.  Thank you Mama!” She’s compassionate, she’s thoughtful, she’s a peacemaker and she loves life….I love that about her.  And I continue to pray that God would draw her to Himself and to repentance, that she would trust in Jesus as her Savior, and that one day, many years from now, she’ll be one of my closest friends.

Here’s a peek into her special day!

Utterly delighted to open Nana’s gift first thing in the morning…a new, very ornate Rapunzel dress! Her old one was well on its way to complete disintegration!


Modeling her new dress!


Her cake, modeled after Rapunzel’s tower in the movie Tangled! Definitely the most difficult and creative cake I ever have and probably ever will tackle! But it was worth it 🙂
Admiring her cake…she was beside herself with joy! Rapunzel has been her favorite princess since the movie came out, so this was a special treat indeed!


A close-up…the hardest part of the entire cake was getting Rapunzel to stand on the ledge without her heavy hair pulling her off! Mom and I got super-creative and finally made her stick!
Happy girl!
Sweet picture with Nana!


Molly Kate’s one birthday request was a new bible…she was ready for the real thing and not a storybook version! I was thrilled to find an ESV purple leather Bible with beautiful artwork!


Officially five! Notice the new earrings 🙂









Photo Shoot with Madden

For Christmas last year, my parents kindly gave Kevin and I a nice camera.  I’m still in the process of learning how to work it properly and I really need a lens with a better zoom (Christmas this year?!).  But I did decide that I would try to take my childrens’ annual photos this year instead of paying someone else to do it.  At least this way, if they all turn out horrible, I’m only out about 30 minutes of my time and not a single penny!  Last night was a trial run with Madden and I was actually pleasantly surprised with the results.  Of course, it helps that he’s so stinkin’ photogenic!

My favorite and the one we ended on!