Happy 8th Birthday Mikias!

Better late than never…that’s going to have to be my new blogging motto! Mikias’ 8th birthday was August 16th…yes, I’m a little behind!  But what a fun day of celebrating our precious son’s life.  We were blessed to have my mom and Kevin’s dad visiting (praise God for house big enough to hold everyone!), so his day was extra-special this year.  My mom surprised him with a trip to Lego Land in Atlanta and all the kids had a blast.  We then came home to  a dinner of steak kabobs (his choice) and cake with family and two church friends.  I cannot help but marvel when I look at Mikias’ life.  How thankful I am that man determines his plans, but God directs his steps.  He directed us to adopt Mikias and my life is so much better than it ever could have been without this child.  I’m so impressed with how well he’s doing in school, given his initial language barrier.  He loves books and loves being read to, which makes both of us happy!  And while his growth in understanding the gospel has been slow, I’m so impressed with how much he is regularly learning about God’s Word…and the questions that he’s always asking.  I pray that God will use all of this along with our faithful teaching of the gopsel of Christ to lead him to repentance and faith in Jesus as his Savior.  Please join me in that prayer!

Here’s few pics of our celebration!

Quick picture with Mommy and Daddy!
I was happy to hear Mikias’ cake request this year, which was fairly simple in comparison to Rapunzel’s tower. The top layer should have been gold, but he was happy nevertheless!
Truly a Southern boy now…he loves his new cowboy boots!
I love this little family God has given me…there are no words for just how much the people pictured here mean to me. What blessings from God above!

Nana and Mikias
Pop and Mikias
Blow out the candles Mikias!