A Little Fall Family Fun

Oh yes, I’m quite aware this blog still exists…I hear it whisper to me at times, beckoning me to take a moment and jot down the happenings of our life.  But then life takes off again, at a pace sometimes so fast I can barely catch my breath, and my little blog falls into the back of my mind.  Nevertheless, feeling quite proud of myself for accomplishing not one but two Pinterest projects in the last few weeks, I thought it might be time to take note of the fun we’ve been having around here!  Oddly enough, we had originally planned both of these food projects with friends from church but due to rampant sickness in our home (not part of the fall fun), we had to make it family only.  Yet this is one of the sweet parts of having a big family…even when friends can’t come or somebody gets sick, our children are such great friends with one another that they can have a blast anyway!  That always blesses my soul when I feel like disappointment might creep in…watching them simply enjoy being with each other and it’s always more than enough.

The first idea I had pinned was this Caramel Apple Bar.  This will definitely be our new way to do caramel apples…it was much easier than trying to dip whole apples and the kids had so much fun with the toppings, as the pictures will note!  I especially love the caramel apple with mini-chocolate chips…yum!

The Spread
Let the dipping begin!
Madden loves fruit, so this was right up his alley!
Miles chose candy corn for his first apple!
Happy kiddos!
Once Madden discovered the Halloween sprinkles, it was all downhill!


Our second little food adventure was actually something Molly Kate found when looking through fall ideas on Pinterest with me…these little candy corn cups.  They look much prettier in the nice glasses but we chose plastic cups instead!  We made these last night with homemade pizza for our monthly family movie night.  It was such a fun night…I love watching my kids in the kitchen!

Molly Kate is such a sweet “mother” to Madden…she lets him try everything, but always sticks around to help out!
So proud of himself!
Mikias, eager for his turn!
So stinkin’ cute…with their finished pudding cups!
My handsome little men!

Lastly, here’s a few random pics from the last two months that give a better glimpse into our everyday (busy!) life…but it’s a good life…I love what God has called me to and I praise Him for gracing my life with this lovely little family.

I just love this picture of Molly Kate…she was so proud of her white pumpkin, which she announced was a “girl” pumpkin. The orange ones are boys!
Madden helping Daddy fix the chair…he was happy to get some time with real tools!
Miles trying to make a goal…other than the fact our games started too early in the morning for my little sleepyhead, Miles seemed to really enjoy his first season of soccer!
Mikias playing a little defense…he loved football! In an eight-game season, he scored 6 touchdowns!
Good little buddies…Mikias probably takes Madden on a jeep ride at least once a day!
No training wheels! This was such a big accomplishment for her…she was quite fearful, but also so determined and I was so proud of her persistence!!