A Home Becomes Just A House Again

20130625-101910.jpgBoxes, chaos and fatigue…these words accurately characterize my life right now. And yet God has been so good to keep my eyes fixed upon Him, daily witnessing His strength at work in me and His kindness in working out so many good things for our family! I’m excited to share soon the ministry opportunity He is opening to us…our hearts are full.

Last night was the last night for our kiddos in our home and tonight is mine and Kevin’s. And as we’ve disassembled most everything and all the pictures are off the walls and the kids have nothing but mattresses on the floor, I’ve been thinking about what makes a house a home. We have certainly enjoyed this big, spacious and beautiful house God gave us for this season. And we’ve especially enjoyed our big backyard, the grassy slope for riding toys and the large climbing trees! As we look to the future, we are quite aware that we will most likely live in a much smaller space and if God places us where we are hoping to be, we will have next to nothing of a yard. And while those things have certainly been a sweet gifts to us, they are just that…gifts from the Father, not necessities for a happy home life. In the end, the space, the fixtures, the yard…they are just elements of a house, not a home.

When I look at our once “home” that today only has pieces of us left, it has quickly become just a house again. For our “home” contains us…it contains our pictures, our beloved stuffed animals, our books, our favorite toys and our furniture, most of which has been handed down from generations of family. But even more, the Cuthbertson home contains purpose…we wake daily recognizing our life is not our own but the Lord’s, to be spent in whatever way He sees fit. For me, at this moment, that means filling our days with Scripture memory, studying God’s Word, learning through homeschool, reading lot of books with my children, inviting others into to our home for discipleship and hospitality, planning art projects and sitting on the floor to play Barbies or Legos, taking time to acknowledge and learn of God’s greatness through the natural world around us and putting good nutrition into our bodies through well-planned meals. These daily activities make our house our home and keep us ever focused on the God who loves us and has made a way for our salvation. As we’ve spent weeks now packing and letting go of our normal routine and eating out or eating up food in random ways, I’ve watched all that embodies “home” for us slip away and I greatly look forward to its return! And I’m thankful for the great sanctifying work my God has done in my heart…that my flesh no longer holds so tightly to materialistic conveniences but through the Spirit is able to rejoice in all the treasures I have in Christ.

One thought on “A Home Becomes Just A House Again

  1. Such a beautiful reminder Laura. As I read this, our current “home” is in a hotel room where our family of 6 will be for the next 10 days…home really is all about people and relationships and, of course, Jesus. I wept as I packed up our home, but not without hope. For there is great hope in the journey with Christ – He who never disappoints nor changes like shifting shadows. What a comforting promise! We love y’all!

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