Family Worship on a Random Monday Night

I’m mostly taking a second to jot this down because one day I know I’ll be so glad! Tonight after Kevin finished reading the story of Joshua and Jericho and was about to pray, Molly Kate and Madden said they wanted to pray too and then Miles pipes in that he also wanted to pray. So Kevin said everyone could pray and we’d go in age order…thus began a most adorable and hilarious and melt my heart time of family prayer.

Madden: Thank you God for this day and thank you for the weather. And keep us safe coming home (they traveled yesterday), which we did. And thank you Jesus for dying for our hearts. Amen.
Miles: Thank you God for this day. I pray that we would sleep good and that no one would throw up. And that we would have a good day tomorrow. Amen.
Molly Kate (i.e. our holy kid and theologically precise one): thank you God for this day and thank you for what I prayed this morning, that You provide food for us and that You showed You are all powerful and no one is greater than You. And I pray that me and Miles and Madden and Mikias and Maggie will all one day repent of our sins and trust in Jesus. And we know we can’t do that on our own, we need You. Amen.
Mikias: Thank you for our day and pray for (at this point Molly Kate interrupts to correct his grammar…”Mikias, it’s ‘I pray for’) and pray for (ignoring her correction) that we would all get good sleep and that Maggie would not wake up (a prayer which caused all the littles to burst into giggles and I took the liberty to explain to Mikias that she has to wake up one time to eat…so he finished…) and pray that she wakes up two times, I mean doesn’t wake up two times (and everyone is rolling by this point because they have successfully flustered their oldest brother so Mikias just ends his pain)…Amen.

Gosh I love these little souls and our God who created them so fearfully and wonderfully. And I love hearing them talk to Him.


One thought on “Family Worship on a Random Monday Night

  1. WHat a precious time together! Your little ones are awesome! Little miss Molly Kate the “brainey”!…Love these children.

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