A great note

I just received my year end review from WordPress and I have to say, I was a little embarrassed that I totaled a whopping 8 posts for the year! But what my lack of posts don’t quite convey is that this has been one amazing year for the Cuthbertsons and our hearts are more than grateful.

Two days ago I was thinking about the line that set in motion our departure from our last church. It had something to do with me not accomplishing “big” things for God. It actually came to mind as I was on the treadmill, once again pouring out my heart to the Lord and begging for the grace needed for that day…just to be a faithful wife and mommy. I knew I wasn’t heading on a mission trip that day or speaking at a major conference or organizing a community evangelism outreach. But I knew that it would be a day where I would have to once again lay down every selfish desire to read a book or paint my nails or listen to the song I wanted to listen to on iTunes in order to instead nurse a hungry baby and fix a broken Lego and listen to the Frozen theme song for the 100th time and allow a mess in the kitchen so the three year old could chop veggies with me. And even while praying, said three year old found his way to the basement, interrupting my cry to the Lord so that even my prayer time had to be laid down in order to graciously love and serve. And I thought about those “big” things that I will most likely never accomplish. And God interrupted my thought with His… “those things aren’t what I consider big.” And I believe Him…

So while I haven’t hosted a major women’s conference this year or wrote 50 most inspiring blog posts or organized a food drive for the hungry, I’m encouraged this next to last day of 2013 that I strove with every fiber of my being to love my family well, to faithfully serve and shepherd the little souls that have been entrusted to me, to fight my sin like crazy and keep on repenting and believing every time those sins reared their ugly little heads, and to joyfully lay down my life for the good of those around me. And in the midst of my striving, God so graciously blessed us with a beautiful new home, a wonderful new neighborhood, precious new friends, no more financial debt, a most incredible church family and an oh-so-sweet I-can’t-get-enough new baby girl named Maggie Jane. I’d say that’s a pretty great note to end on! And once again, my heart is overwhelmed with gratefulness.

Happy New Year dear friends!