Bedroom Update

We finished these projects back in the summer, but I kept forgetting to post them.  Our bedroom was in pretty sad shape from the time we got married.  Forever we kept the bedding I had as a single Cru staff girl and I admit, it was a little feminine for a master bedroom!  I love our sleigh bed, but the chest of drawers was starting to look dated and we had inherited mis-matching old nightstands from my grandparents.  Thankfully, my parents gave us this new bedding last Christmas from Pottery Barn and we both love it.  Once I went on my crazy painting binge, I decided to update our furniture with an awesome shade of gray from Benjamin Moore.  I couldn’t be happier with the results and our hold hand-me-down nightstands now have an ultra-cool vibe!  I’m still amazed what a pint of paint and some cheap hardware can do for old furniture!

Our chest before...
and after!!
My nightstand...what a beauty, huh?!
And now with fresh paint!
A closer look...the hardware was only $0.99/knob at Home Depot!
Kevin's nightstand before...
and after!

Old Desk Revamp

We’ve had this desk for years now, a hand-me down from my Granny.  I love the lines of the desk and knew it would be a beautiful painted piece one day.  Now that I’ve gotten the hang of this painting thing, I thought it was time to pick a color.  I chose Urban Nature, a Pottery Barn/Benjamin Moore color but had the paint mixed at Home Depot to save money.  This shade of green matches our bedding just in case the desk winds up in our room at the next house.  I’d also love to recover the chair, but am going to hold off on that venture until we move and know exactly where my desk will be housed!  I’m really pleased with the final product but could kick myself for not taking a good “before” photo!  Here’s a few pictures with the desk in the background…hopefully, you can get the gist of it!

Here's the corner of the desk in a photo taken for our house listing
Here's a little more of the desk taken way back when...I can't believe how old my sweet girl is now!
Molly Kate holding onto the desk chair when she had just started walking...can I just say digging through these old photos last night made me super-sad? Time with little ones really does go by too fast.
My "new" desk, painted and oh so fresh!
From a different angle
New hardware from Home Depot...only $3.48 to update a very dated, large brass drawer pull!

Beds to Match

This past weekend Kevin and I tackled painting the three older kids’ beds in order to match their new chests.  I am so pleased with the end result!  Its not easy to put three children in one bedroom, logistically or aesthetically.  The new coat of paint really gives the entire room a clean, fresh feel.  All of the kids kept thanking us for working hard to make their beds “new”…I love how the Lord is creating thankfulness in each one of them.

Boys' bed before - a very old set of bunk beds from Kevin's grandmother!
Boys' beds after!
Bed with matching chest (don't you love the pictures of the boys when they were in Ethiopia? a constant reminder to me of God's goodness and faithfulness)
Molly Kate's bed before - a very old twin bed from my grandmother!
Molly Kate's bed after! (Even baby Caroline's little crib got a fresh coat!)
A closer look at the distressing on MK's bed

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

And a brand new wall at that!  In order to sell our home, we quickly realized that we needed to convert our house to a true 3 bedroom (we have always used our loft area as a master bedroom, but because it wasn’t enclosed with a door, we couldn’t list our home as having three rooms).  Kevin and our dear neighbor/friend, Jeff, constructed the wall in about a week (yes, major props to my hubby for his construction skills…I’m very impressed!) and we just recently finished all the painting and trim work.  This new wall needed decorating and my head kept dreaming of a mirror.

This is the picture that kept coming to mind (how I love Ballard Designs!):

I love this room, but especially the mirror!'

And this is what we found at Garden Ridge yesterday for a fraction of the cost:

Then, with a couple coats of spray paint, we (Kevin took over on this one!) turned it into this:

Very happy with my new wall, a door to an actual bedroom and my mirror!

Painted Chest of Drawers

I knew I was looking forward to this summer and taking a break from home school!  For as long as I can remember, I have loved (loved, loved!) painted furniture.  Whenever I walk into antique stores, I sit and admire old pieces of furniture that have been re-painted in fun, new colors.  I’ve recently been thinking about painting Molly Kate’s chest of drawers, but was looking for just the right hardware.  Kevin indulged me and let me bop into Anthropologie (hands down my favorite store on the planet) on our way home from Alabama and I spotted the perfect knobs and handles for my little girl’s chest.  This find set everything else into motion and I’ve been on a “furniture painting” frenzy lately!  But I’m also having the time of my life…I love opportunities to express creativity as I think it reflects God image as Creator and I’m thankful He’s allowed me some down time to do something I love!

This blog was unbelievably helpful in getting all the right tools to paint furniture.  Since she has outlined her projects so well, I won’t do it here.  I will say there were four very necessary tools to make these projects work well…a power sander, a product called Floetrol (which can be purchased at any specialty paint store), a Purdy angled paint brush and MinWax Polyurethane spray to seal the pieces.  I will always use all of these for my future endeavors (and I have many piling up in my head!)!

These pictures make me realize our need for a good camera (hopefully my Christmas present this year!).  Sorry the color is not great, but you’ll get the general idea!

Molly Kate's Chest Before
Molly Kate's Chest After
Another angle
Boys' Chest Before
Boys' Chest After
The flash made the color too light in this picture, but you can see the entire piece!