Romp and Stomp

Vector_illustration_of_Happy_family_Fapp_30I recently ran across this quote by Miss Charlotte Mason (an educator whose philosophy on education continues to grip my heart with each passing year) and I just loved it!

We all know the natural conditions under which a child should live; how he shares household ways with his mother, romps with his father, is teased by his brothers and petted by his sisters; is taught by his tumbles; learns self-denial by the baby’s needs, the delightfulness of furniture by playing at battle and siege with sofa and table; learns veneration for the old by the visits of his great-grandmother; how to live with his equals by the chums he gathers round him; learns intimacy with animals from his dog and cat; delight in the fields where the buttercups grow and greater delight in the blackberry hedges.

I see this being lived out daily in our home…and while it frustrates me at times, fathers really are for “romping”.  As Miss Mason said, it is a natural condition under which a child should live.  Shamefully, I must admit that I have often become so irked at bedtime when Kevin gets the children all riled up again, when at the very moment I think peace is about to ensue under this roof, children are rolling on the floor in screams and fits of laughter.   Help me, Father, to embrace such moments.  For certainly, I need to realize that such is the great blessing of a father…when the strong hands of the one who provides and shepherds and leads, lovingly bends to tease and tickle, to romp and stomp.